Saturday, February 04, 2006

Germination & Saved garden seeds.

I had spent many months collecting seed from my own plants and those of friends and family. Even on occasions knocking on the doors of strangers to ask for something I had seen growing in their gardens. Everyone I asked was more than willing to help me.

The seeds were dried in the sunshine and then packed into a sheet of paper kitchen towel, which was folded into a Beechams style packet to hold the precious seeds. The paper towel was labeled with felt tip pen and then each 'seed packet' was stored in a dry and airtight container until required.

One of the easiest ways to germinate seeds is the damp paper towel method. Simply,
  • Dampen the paper towel with luke warm water
  • Sprinkle the seed sparingly over the surface.
  • Fold up the paper towel
  • Place the towel into a plastic bag or container
  • Place the container in a warm but not a hot environment
  • Check after 48 hours for germination
  • Plant seedlings into a seed/potting compost
A very useful mini propagator can be made from old transparent muffin / cake containers. I have used them successfully to germinate the seeds as above. And I have also used them as small seed trays equipped with an inbuilt lid that can be easily opened as and when required.

The transparent containers have also been useful for storing soft fruit like my mulberries in the deep freeze.

If there is a downside it is that we shall have to eat more muffins.

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