Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cunning plan needed - apply within

Time to start measuring up the garden plot; and to think about committing my ideas about landscape design to paper in a more coherent form than the piles of scribbled notes that are spread out over my desk. There is something infinitely off putting about staring at a blank piece of paper. A feeling of despair quickly descends at not knowing quite where to start on the 14,000m2 of blank canvas to design and plant. 

Seeking inspiration from television and print journalists has been more than a little frustrating. The garden design professionals of the current generation seem more intent on gaining celebrity status than imparting their knowledge about the subject. Cheeky wise cracking television presenters migrate from one show to another, and rarely produce anything that will develop and hold interest for longer than the duration of the show. 

In the Garden magazines you can not see the plants for the journalists, Monty Don, page after page of Monty bl**** Don. This is not what I subscribed to Gardeners World for.

I have also been looking through the news stand for examples of foreign language garden magazines. I have looked at French, German and Spanish examples and they all look pretty poor value for the money. Maybe there is a gap in the market for a European garden magazine.

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