Monday, February 06, 2006

Spring is springing

Fruit trees have arrived in the supermarkets of Figueres, last year their arrival coincided with the start of a spell of extreme cold weather. Hopefully this year will be a little kinder to us gardeners. With temperatures now hovering around 12 degrees and spring maybe just around the corner.

The fruit trees are selling at 10€ each for a two year old grafted plant. Apples and pears do well towards the coast which is just a few miles away, so I should be able to grow them here with a little more work on the soil.

Oranges need a more sheltered spot than I can supply on my wind swept site, although I have been told that clementines are a little more robust than oranges. Last year I saw snow on the fruits of a mature lemon tree in nearby Navata, I must go and see how the tree was affected by last years climatic merry go round.

Kiwi fruit plants and various nut trees are also plentiful.

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