Tuesday, March 27, 2007

TV Gardener

We have now got satellite television. The beam used contrary to Internet page advice is the Astra southern beam. Given that the strong winds of the Tramontana blow from the north and that that would interfere with the signal strength that seems reasonable enough.

The only realistic site for the dish is between two of the newly pruned Mulberry trees, this means that the branches of one of the trees may have to be kept in check so that they do not interfere with the signal.

Now we have the system it means I can keep up with my favourite garden programs, though watching people digging with a fork and spade instead of a pick or mechanical digger does seem an oddity!


  1. Aint that the truth - we laugh (and cry with envy!)when we see Monty Don casually sticking his spade in and turning the soil.

    Lovely programme this week about the Malvern Spring Show - hope you caught it.

  2. Still a little 'outta synch' with the T.V. time zones and its only one hour! Though did catch that one.