Saturday, March 31, 2007

Funny old day!

Sunday April 1st. (April fools day) will be a funny old day. This particular fool will be driving through to Girona Airport to collect Carol who will be arriving for another working holiday with the emphasis on work.

Meanwhile in the nearby village of Vilafant they will be celebrating the annual rabbit festival. Though as befits this trigger happy community of country dwellers the prizes will not go to the cutest Easter bunny but instead will be awarded to provider of the tastiest rabbit recipe. Watership down - You read the book, you watched the movie now eat the cast.


  1. "now eat the cast"

    oh my, I spit coffee on the screen laughing!

  2. Hi Carol and Colin and a belated happy Easter.

    I sent a comment last week about the mulberries, but Blogger seems contrary again and it hasn't appeared.

    Mulberries.....delicious and hard to find any to plant. My cousin has one round the corner, but the fruit is so popular with his Spanish neighbours, there's a stampede and no-one else gets a look in.

    I hope the work went well for you and Carol and you enjoyed your time together in the garden.

  3. I have had trouble getting internet access so sorry about the delay Pam hopefully things will get a little easier when I aquire a wifi connection.

  4. Hi Hayden nice to hear from you from your profile I see that you have an odd sense of humour too! Will be catching up with your blogs.