Saturday, March 31, 2007

Progress is slow

The telescopic pruner was earning it´s keep, all around me timber fell about my ears and soon the ground was covered in the pruned timber from the Mullberry trees. It now appears that there was rather more tree in the sky then I first thought! I am giving the tree a severe Spanish style pruning cutting back into the crown of the trees.


  1. Hi Colin and Carol. I haven't been by for a while and what do I see - pruning mulberries. Ooo, such a delicious fruit. My cousin round the corner has a huge tree, abundant fruit, but I never get a look in as his Spanish neighbours come and hog the lot! I never see the trees in the viveros either.

    Everything's burgeoning down here and it's hard keeping up with mother Nature. Carol's got her work cut out this week, I see. We find it very companionable pottering in the garden together, and getting so much done when there are two. Have fun you two.

  2. Anonymous11:39 am

    Hi Colin & Carol
    I was hoping you'd be interested in posting on our new site www.NativeSpain,com - we don;t have anyone posting about gardens yet! We're planning on producing books for all the regions of Spain and also some for specialist subjects - like gardens - so please if you get a moment make a post and put a link to your blog

  3. It has been a busy few weeks here with an abundance of rain, after two years of drought. The mulberry trees are fast growing and quite tough great for shade provision, though they can be a little sticky underfoot so best to avoid patio areas!
    If your neighbour has the trees they will probably have seedlings too and I bet they would be happy to let you have one.