Sunday, April 15, 2007

Don´t fence me in!

Carol´s sister Marie and her husband Alan flew out from Cambridgeshire UK to visit us and help with our never ending work. Leaving bright and sunny England they arrived in cold, wet and windy Girona. (Still the English love irony!)

We managed to get through a lot of stuff with their help. Priorty for Carol was to restore the fencing that we took down two years ago. We removed the fence which partitioned the house and garden from the finca land (a field) to make a coherent garden plan. It had been intended to have a meandering path leading from the patio area to a seat placed under the old fig tree. In reality the only meandering which occurred was that done by Francisco´s sheep as they sought to devour our vegetation. This year the flock will get a shock when the come up against the newly errected barrier.

This is Alan getting to grips with the fencing.

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