Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Corriander capers

Carol, Marie and Alan returned to UK and no sooner had they departed than the sun began to shine again. Though frequent rain showers mean that the air is still very humid. The visitors hard work around the house and garden means that I may have a little breathing space and can concentrate on decorating the house.

The elephant ear plants have yet to sprout though with cool night time temperatures that maybe can be expected.

Carol brought me two large bunches of corriander which were a god send given the prices of the piddly little packets they sell around here. Corriander leaf freezes very well if you chop it very finely and place in a plastic bag. Small pieces can be broken off and added to your chosen dish just before serving, really brings the dish to life! As an experiment I cut off the root tips and I will try to grow plants from those. I have also sown some seed too so the comparison between corriander types will be interesting.

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