Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The Cedar Deodora is no more! This time the actual felling of the tree went smoothly, the 12” diameter softwood trunk yielded easily to the bow saw’s blade. Tree loppers made the removal of the smaller branches fairly easy too with the saw ripping through the thicker branches of the tree. My Felco secateurs worked overtime in stripping the branches down to the sort of size that would fit the feeding shoot of the Scheppach Biostar shredder. And so began the day long conversion of the cedar tree into a woodchip mulch for use around the base of neighbouring trees. Now I’m left with a very large stump to dig out. I did contact a local firm of tree surgeons to see if they could grind the stump out but the machine the ‘stump-muncher’ they had to hire in from a neighbouring town, was much too large to gain access to the stump of the cedar tree. So, I will tackle it by severing the roots as I uncover them and then try to lever the bowl of the tree out using a bar and a pick axe. Deep joy!

The larger sections of the tree trunk was dispatched to the local council recycle programme and once composted maybe sold back to me in the near future. Funny thing is they can deal with big and chunky timber sections like the cedar but they can’t handle tea bags and other easily compost-able waste materials. “Because they make the wrong type of compost”; I kid you not. Still they are offering a subsidised compost bin and you can not have too many of those can you?

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