Thursday, February 08, 2007

Right on time

Keeping one eye on America is one of the shrewdest tricks in the U.K. amateur weather forecaster’s armoury. America’s weather generally turns up in the U.K. two weeks later, and sure enough today the snow has arrived right on schedule bringing the south of the country to a standstill. This situation is much to the amusement of the far hardier northern tribes of Britain and I believe to many Scandinavians too.

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  1. Hi Carol and Colin,

    I was rather amused to see this week that a little bit of snow made large parts of Britain grind to a halt. What happened? There has been much worse weather than this before in the UK. :-)

    How's the weather in Spain? Here in Holland we had 1 day of snow and then back to spring again. My daffodils are out already, amazing!