Tuesday, August 23, 2005


When I was young all those years ago, one of the first sign of approaching Christmas was the arrival of the 'pomegranate' fruit in the local green grocers. Now I have a chance to grow my very own fruit. The 'pomegranate' or 'Granadilla' as it is called in Spain is found in the most inhospitable of places, and grows well on impoverished soil. Now, impoverished soil we have plenty of, so our first fruit tree just had to be a pomegranate'.

The suckers at the base of the tree which can be seen on the photograph will be removed as soon as I am certain it has survived it's first winter. The suckers are unsuitable for propagation, though one year old wood cut at 12" - 15 " should root readily.

The fruit though fiddly to eat is quite refreshing; it's seeds are an ingredient in Asian cuisine, and the fruit and seeds juice readily.

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