Sunday, August 21, 2005

Empty promises!

Driving home from a scouting mission to select trees for the Finca, Carol pointed to pine trees that she thought we could utilise to gave a frame work to the garden. Once we arrived at the Villa she was taken aback to find we already had those trees, they are stone pines and are growing all over the hills near to our home. The setting sun shows them off to great effect in this picture.

The sky has been promising rain for the past couple of days. Heavy clouds drift down from the mountain in late afternoon. Thunder claps can be heard in the distance and lightning bolts wrench open the sky within sight of this parched landscape; and yet though one can smell the rain the clouds have none to spare.

Dark clouds gather 
 whilst the sun lights up the almost 
florescent green of the stone pine 
in these the remains of the day.

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