Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reforestation of City Space Milan, Italy

Architects have been struggling with the incorporation of renewable energy components into their projects as demanded by planning authorities. An example being solar panels on tower blocks in city centers. The electricity generated is intended to be used for space heating and ; the problem is that roof space is a relatively small area and incorporating technology into building facades is costly and not always effective.

Stefano Boeri has a different approach in his Vertical forest, Bosque Vertical  

for apartment blocks in Milan, Italy.


  1. Season's greetings to you both and thanks for the tip about the neighbour's two-tone bourganvillea.

    It's been interesting reading back over your year, from giant snails (haven't seen any) to repairing a mattock. Glad you are still there, blogging away. I'm afraid I've mostly run out of steam.

  2. That is an incredible picture of the apartment building in Milan with all of those trees. Just an amazing co0oncept!

  3. Innovative reforestation. Never seen anything like it until now.

  4. This one's a spectacular urban view. Must be a head-turner. If only all other buildings will try something as bold as this, the problem on pollution will be significantly mitigated. Nice post.