Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Achatina Fulica Giant snail invades Spain

Achatina Fulica the east african giant snail is now resident in Andalusia in southern Spain. As if we don't have enough snails of our own. This invader is known to carry several parasites which are dangerous to humans who should avoid contact with the pest. The snail should never be eaten without intensive cleaning. Consumption has proven fatal to animals.

Categorized as one of the worst on the invasive species on maturity the snail can reach 20cms long (8"). It feeds on all manner of vegetation, bones, sand and even concrete. It is able to seal itself inside its own shell enabling the snail to survive droughts as long as three years.


  1. I didn't know anyone could eat concrete!! There is no hope then.... We have a lot of snails and slugs here in California, and I am having a really hard time getting rid of them.

  2. My Mediterranean garden is in Malta, but I have found lot of useful advice to suit my climate (not yet to freezing or below in winter!) here. I am very worried about this giant snail invader - once in Spain, things tend to travel onwards, and I am sure not at snail pace. The Red Palm Beetle started its path from Spain across Med Europe, so who knows where this snail will end up. I just spotted a palm beetle and dispatched it, but I don't hold out much hope for my palms long term. Malta may be more isolated thanks to its longer sea distances from mainland Europe, or Africa but the snail will reach us I am sure, before too long. Will beam back into your blog as it's v useful! Keep gardening!