Friday, October 03, 2008


Lake Banyoles was the setting for the rowing competition during the 1992 Olympic Games hosted by the city of Barcelona.


It is a natural lake formed by six basins fed by springs, some of the water sources are salt water though Banyoles is a fresh water lake. The crystal clear waters are a magnet for recreational activities both on the lake and on the shore.


Autumnal tints of the mature trees viewed in the reflective waters also attract artists in large numbers, to the town of Banyoles.


The parkland which surrounds the lake has areas of trees planted to great effect, particularly Silver Birches and Poplars.

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  1. It's been a real treat to pop up and see the latest interesting things on your blog.

    Your pampas grass is more advanced and figs are later.

    It's good that you take time out to visit places. We keep promising ourselves to do that and get bogged down with other things. It's all go now here getting the winter veg in and we're up to our knees in abono de caballo and vaca.