Thursday, May 15, 2008

A happiness of vegetables

These three vegetables I have heard an Italian Chef refer to as the Holy trinity of Italian Cuisine; they form the base of many sauces and casseroles. 

The photograph above was taken whilst preparing a warming bowl of Carrot and Coriander soup. After a few hot days cool weather descended again on the Alt Empordà plains bringing with it a series of particularly cold nights; and the ditching of the salad bowl in favour of the soup bowl. 

Whilst each vegetable makes a tasty soup in its own right, but it is when they are combined  that you start to understand what the Italian chef Antonio Carluccio was talking about.


Photography by Alastair Hendy.

Antonio is an excellent chef and an infectious character with a larger than life personality. His television programmes get to the heart of Italian regional cooking giving an insight into the traditional Mediterranean diet of his homeland. 

Celery is also recommended for sufferers from Gout, that most painful of medical conditions. When searching for celery in the supermarket I found it was named Apio, now when I feel a gout attack coming on I remember to reach for the celery, because Apio makes me happy once more.


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  1. Yes, these three combine really well in Italian cooking ... but it's hard to imagine Italian cuisine without tomatoes! And what about garlic, also essential for health (and flavour), I think.

    It's good to see all your recent posts. Good luck with the comfrey!