Friday, May 16, 2008

Cherry ripe

My cherry tree is vigorous though hardly fruitful the single fruit you can see near the centre of the photograph is the entire crop for this year. It equals last years less than abundant crop, though it is at least carried on a different stem searching for the fruit is half the fun. There are abundant cherry trees in the neighbourhood and the tree was covered in blossom in early spring, maybe the late cold spell made the blossom drop a little to early for fruit.  I really raised this tree because of its foliage, and intend to propagate others from it in the future. In fact the solitary cherry from last years crop was tasted by Carol and promptly dispatched to the spittoon because of its bitter taste. Possibly one cherry is all you need.

Yesterday I posted about celery being of benefit to Gout sufferers well cherries too are beneficial helping purge the uric acid from your system. 


  1. It's strange - your single cherry - because here (not far away) the cherries are abundant this year, far more than last year. I thought this was because we've had more rain than usual this spring. I've put a picture on my blog of some we picked yesterday from a tree on communal land near our garden ... and they're delicious!

  2. This could be the start of Cherry Envy