Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How the other half live.

Sifting through my spam mail this morning I came across a news letter from Suttons seeds
this is an extract.

 Gardening as a career? 

We all know that gardening is a great hobby, but more and more high fliers are now switching to a career in gardening. The Times carries a great article workers who swap a six-figure salary for digging and weeding. And if you've ever considered this move for yourself, it's hard not to be inspired by quotes such as "I was sipping a glass of wine, watching the sunset and decided that I wanted to be a gardener."

 And it may be a good idea to escape from the rat race before you fall from grace - the First Post reports that Conrad Black, the disgraced media baron will be paid just 40 cents an hour for the gardening duties that he undertakes in prison!

Now if that doesn't make you smile nothing will!


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  2. Hi,
    I am in Figueres too! And having moved here last May and still struggling with language would love to meet some people who I can chat to occasionally, spanish chatting not yet a skill I possess!

    Gardens also suggest we might have a few likes in common ... if you have a minute would love to meet for a drink or whatever ....

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