Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Homeward Bound

Back to 'Blighty' on a trip that hopefully will see my knee 'fixed' or at least patched up pending an operation. Having carried the injury for several months it has reached the point where something will have to give, though it will probably be my knee again.

Monday next, will see the arrival at our UK home of a furniture removal wagon. Our goods and chattels will be loaded onto the wagon which is destined for arrival in Spain on Wednesday. If things go according to plan, then my flight on Tuesday should deliver me in time to receive the booty. 

Bagged a bargain garden shredder today on eBay; keen to maximise our composting activity as we, are a shredder will enable us to speed up the composting process, and enriching our impoverished soil by the addition of fibrous organic matter.so that will be added to my 'boys toys' as Carol likes to think of them, though she also likes to think of the bigger equipment as, 'girls toys' hence I can not play with them unless she has had enough playtime. 

One eBay bargain that is headed out to the Finca is a brand new tractor mower, although the grass is slow growing there is a lot of it. Guaranteed to feature in the girls 'toys' list for the foreseeable future.

The picture at the top of this article is of a monument to the explorer Captain James Cook, and is placed on top of Easby moor near our home town of Guisborough. Cook is a forebearer of mine.

Guisborough Priory

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