Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Aloe Vera - the medicine plant.

The flower head is shown to great effect against the succulent and spiny leaves of this individual aloe plant

The gardens of our holiday complex in Los Cristianos used Aloe Vera quite extensively and to great effect in their well maintained borders.

We propagated several Aloe cuttings last year and those are now reasonable stock plants from which we can generate more cuttings. The plants have architectural merit in leaves as well as blooms. I think in common with many plants a larger collection displayed on mass looks very effective.

If you are interested in seeing Aloe plants in their native habitat be sure to read Ericat's blog from South Africa.

Our wretched stony and rain parched land should be ideal for Aloe planting. I am thinking of using them as a buffer zone between the grass and paths. Such backdrops would show off the plants architectural form whilst its clump forming habit suppress the encroachment of weeds and grasses.

The plants sap is marketed as a cure all nowadays though there is no denying the benefit of applying the sap to the burns, cuts and sores, many of us gardeners experience.

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  1. I love your blog!!!!Aloe Vera has lot of medicinal uses. Aloe vera is an excellent antioxidant too.