Thursday, November 29, 2007


Read this post at The Mediterranean Garden, Spain. In it's original form and as intended by the authors Colin and Carol.

This flower was propagated from the buttonhole I wore at a family wedding many years ago, or rather this bloom is derived from that original plant which is still in our UK garden. Over the years I intended to do much more of that kind of propagation but did get around to it. I wish I had done so, because the plants that you associate with friends and family are the most special plants in your garden, no matter how humble the plant is.

We have over the years, shared many of our plants with family and friends and have in return, though not quite as often received others in exchange. Favourite plants include a climbing hydrangea from my parents home and day lilies from Carol's parents home. Some plants came with a dire warning about their invasive tendencies; such as Creeping Jenny donated by old Phil many moons ago. I don't resent this weed like plant, instead when I have to dig it out, which is very often these days I think of Old Phil and smile. We should plant more smiles in gardens don't you think?


  1. Passalong plants are great, but your wedding carnation is another way to remember special people and events.

    My golden creeping jenny came from my sister's house so it reminds me of her - I like both my sister and the coin-shaped leaves, so I'll risk the invasion.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. Annie - I wish I had also done this with the bouquets of flowers Carol has received too, birthdays and anniversaries etc.