Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mellow moods

Every now and again several elements will combine to provide a moment of pure bliss. This was such a moment. As I turned into this little road within our small pueblo, the diffused sunlight softly bathed the mellow ochre coloured stone. The warm air, sheltered here and thus hardly stirred by the gentle afternoon breeze, was heavily perfumed with the fragrance of the jasmine blossom the vines of which were was clinging to the aged and crumbling masonry.

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine
Blowing through the Jasmine in my mind

Unlike the title of that Isley Brothers song this was hardly summer but rather a day in mid April 2007. The combination was breathtaking and now that the jasmine is having a second flourish I hope to relive that precious moment.



  1. What a beautiful vision you painted in my mind! Ain't it just great when you feel that way? For however long it lasts?? Great photo!

  2. Lovely photo. What I love about visiting Italy is that you can so often turn a corner and run into an unexpected scene. My husband is so in love with the country that he wants to retire there.

    May you have many happy days in Spain.

  3. great picture, great moment to catch and freeze still