Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nectar food of the gods

My favourite time of the year has arrived again. There is nothing better in gardening than that moment of hearing the first pod pop open to reveal those fresh garden peas. My earliest memories of vegetable growing are as a boy of seven visiting grandad's allotment with my father. Where I was allowed to pick pea pods while he did a little digging. The peas, as they are in all vegetable gardens, were eaten on site few ever made the journey home. Evidence of our feast was thrown into the chicken coup for the birds to squabble over.
Despite nutritionist's advice that frozen peas are better than shop bought peas, I prefer to pop a pod and if I have none of my own I will splash the cash.


  1. Fresh peas can't be beat. Enjoy them... every last little one!

  2. Christa -- Some things can only be cyber-shared!