Friday, March 16, 2007

Cut and thrust

Pruning those Mulberry trees probably means loosing the best part of this years fruit crop, however as so many of those rather tall branches place much of their produce out of gathering range and into the realm of insects and birds, maybe there is not so much to loose. If you watch the Mulberry trees twisting and turning under the effects of the Tramontana winds you can see their crowns straining the very fibres that make up the trucks of those trees. Buds are already beginning to break on the branches evidence that the sap is rising though probably not as fast as my blood pressure will be by the end of the day!

In the final week of what used to be called winter, the weather should be cool enough to tackle the work. Armed with a telescopic tree pruner, pruning saw, loppers, and secateurs I would guesstimate that a couple of hours should be enough to at least fell the longer branches if not complete the pruning.

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