Friday, February 23, 2007

On Fame and infamy

Oh me! Oh My! I have been tagged by Lady Luz of Cadiz in southern Spain (aka Pam), and if it takes me a lifetime I will get even with her!

Here and there as you read through blog pages you may catch sight of such a tagged one, wriggling and writhing as they are forced to reveal five things about themselves which are unknown to the blog reader. Below listed you will find mine. They really should be 'ours', but as Carol just said, “You started it, so get on with it!” Women are totally ruthless at times.

  • We have received the brush off from Sir Bob Geldof, and it was only a few weeks after the original Live Aid Concert. He refused to have a photograph taken with us because “...I’m on holiday man.” So were we! Maybe I should have gone all paparazzi on him and snapped him with my Telephoto lens. Until that concert he was just a mediocre musician he should have been flattered!
  • I am related to Captain James Cook as I am a descendent of his sister Margaret who was married to an alleged smuggler James Fleck.
  • The guests at my Aunts Funeral were buzzed by a flock of racing pigeons launched by me as I tried to release them ever so discreetly, it was after all as a favour to a friend.
  • My mother has had a website for several years and has published a photographic local history book.
  • I once appeared in the television show ‘Crimewatch’ and had the starring role; that is until my boss found out that I had more screen time than he, and he insisted on yet another edit.

So that is It. My List is completed and so it is my turn to tag! Stand by then for,

Green Thumb from India Garden.

Adekun from his Japan blog.

Bill Lane from his Throbbing Thumb blog.

Louise from her Michigan Gardening blog

Eurica from her South African Aloe Garden

Now then perhaps I should warn them..........................


  1. I have no idea how this tag thingy works but I will try. This is just to tell you that your link has a small mistake It has a space after the bl I will see if I can correct it. Google did not accept it as it is. So now I must ry and figure out how to do this tagging. sheesse man!

  2. Thanks for the tag (I guess). Here it is.

  3. Great responses Colin - I love the funeral scene.

    I stopped by Throbbing Thumb's, being nosy lahk, and what a lovely plant rambling over his pergola.

    Look forward to hearing how the Elephants' Ears get on.