Friday, February 16, 2007

Home to Roots

These photographs were taken to celebrate Carol's Birthday on a visit to Mowbray Park, in Sunderland. We had been guests of our brother-in-law Alan who is the husband of Carol's twin Marie. Whilst in Sunderland Carol thought that we would enjoy a visit to the park which was frequently visited by her family throughout her childhood years. In the background planting are many Mediterranean plants, flowers and shrubs.

The amazing new Winter Gardens is home to over 1,500 of the world's most exotic and unusual flowers and trees. The Gardens also include exciting water features and a stunning treetop walkway, from which visitors can look down on the plants below. They were of course closed just as many museums and art galleries are when you have travelled half way across the world to see them!


  1. Hi Colin & Carol! The photos are fabulous.The Garden sure looks beautiful.
    I also like your blog for the interesting features you have in the sidebar.
    BTW thanx for the link.

  2. What great pictures! I'm glad that I found you (through Stuart's garden blogger directory). What is that carved-stone thing that Carol is peeking through? Is that in an Alice in Wonderland garden, or is it part of a chess set, or...? Very cool, whatever it is!

  3. Hello Kim - This is sculpture on the edge of a chess set, but occupies 3 squares I think it possibly represents Alice's looking Glass but no signs to tell you what or why!