Sunday, December 03, 2006

Blustery Days

This was the effect of wind burn on our Cherry tree Karzan even though we planted it in a spot that is sheltered from the prevailing wind the wind somehow prevailed and caused this damage.
The tree responded by shedding most of it's leaves. Buds on the branches look plump and healthy so it should get back to it's former glory next spring.

I have lost count of the number of fence repairs we have carried out to rectify wind damage. We thought that as we had a shelter belt of trees across the village, they would lift the wind high above our heads but it obviously isn't enough for this particular wind.

We will have to utilise several layers of planting to soften and filter the wind as solid or sheet materials would not withstand the constant battering from the gusts of wind. We have planted a line of Pomegranate as they seem to stand well at the edge of nearby farm land, and inside that line we have planted young olive trees. The young plants should be more robust and establish better than more developed trees and shrubs. The downside of that is the wait until they are a significant size.

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