Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The late show

Colder nights will soon put an end to the colourful late blooms in the garden. The seed catalogues are starting to arrive and the planning for next years show begins in earnest.

The low sun gives a very directional light which accentuates the form of spiky flowers like this.
Softer morning light gives reduced contrast and is more suited to delicate blossom and fine detail.

There are still some late flowering plants like the Hebe which are producing enough non flowering shoots to enable cuttings to be taken and I will try them, if they do not root now springtime will give me a second opportunity to strike cuttings taken from the same plants.


  1. Hi Colin. Thanks for all your continuing interesting pics and info. We're further south in Zone 10 and all but the fruit trees are still blooming. Have a look at my
    salamanderverde.blogspot.com for what's out now.

    Hope you don't mind, have added your bog on my links.

  2. It would be great to see a garden ring for Spain develop via the blogs.
    I will watch your site with interest.