Friday, May 19, 2006

Division of herbaceous plants

This pampas grass was a little pot bound when I bought it, but having bought it with the intention of splitting or dividing it up into smaller plants which would enable me to plant them in a group. If you follow the procedure from the bottom photograph you can see how straight forward the process is.

Having removed the plant from it's container, use either two forks or a spade and fork back to back to lever open the root ball, you may find a sharp kitchen knife useful.

Here I divided the plant into four sections, this is a fast growing plant and we should have four healthy plants by next year.

There are lots of herbaceous plants that can be divided this way, look out for them when you are next in the garden centre or nursery. Once planted for a few years it is always advisable to lift this type of plant and divide them up so that new growth is encouraged. If you can't find a place for all your plant material swap it with your friends.

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