Sunday, December 12, 2010

Return of the gardeners

The garden has been at a virtual standstill for the past year. We had the opportunity to build a house on a plot around half the size of this finca though with marked gradients on a mountain side. Soil on the new plot was thin but fertile benefiting from high mineralisation.

Whilst considering the move to fresh pastures we received several enquiries about buying the finca; though the Spanish banks are not able to provide mortgages to match the aspirations of the vendors.

In the course of negotiations the prospective purchasers expressed ideas for developing the house and land in ways which meant our gardening endeavors were reduced to maintenance.

Some of the interested purchasers wanted to rent to buy and although they were often nice people, we would have effectively have acted as a secondary banker to their purchase. Thus we would have been unable to move on ourselves as our capital would have been tied up for several years.

We have spent our time over those months on further work to modernise the house, which was built in 1985. Now we can return to the garden.

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