Thursday, December 23, 2010

Forest horse craft

The snowfall of March 8 (2010) left most forests of the region looking bleak.

Trees on the ground, broken branches ..The job is enormous. ...However, we continue the work of clearing.

There are several options. For example, entering the forest machines and do a thorough cleaning.Obviously the machine accelerates the tasks, but also has consequences for the forest, as well as the necessary damages trees and plants, and wildlife, the environment.

A greener and less invasive alternative is the use of horses. Horses like Ainat, four years, owned Rafael Mariner, working in some woods dragging logs and branches to remove(them).

The horse race is a Ainat Asturcón (small horses, but very strong, rustic and brave, very suitable for the drag). The Asturcón are one of the oldest breeds in Europe and have the same trunk that genetic extinct horse Catalan.

These days, Ainat is working on a private estate in the neighborhood of Verneda of Cassa de la Selva. It is a mountain of 3 hectares of cork oak and strawberry tree alsina.

Jose Homs, owner of dressage Vilert center, along with people of Arc Can Puig de Sant Ferriol, works in the mountains with Ainat.Homs is hook for dressage and horse-drawn carriage and has the Ainat to perfect it.

Usually takes about three months to teach them to drag. "We can not blow them all the weight you are able to, drag so much (at the) expense (they) lose confidence, and then not do it. We must start with little weight to increase it, "says Homs.Mariner explains how a horse of this kind can drag 200 or 300 pounds.

Homs and Ainat to penetrate between the trees on the mountain. The trainer collects logs and branches, which binds with ropes and chains behind the horse. Then ... down the mountain until the road where the rubbish left on the sidelines.

When the wood is going to ...a clean machine crusher which will revert all the vegetable matter and shoot again in the forest crumbled (mulch) . The entire process for the estate of 3 acres of Cass, will last about a week. After (they are) already waiting in Canet d'Adri.....

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