Sunday, December 20, 2009

In good Sorts for Christmas?

It is that time of year when everyone in Spain is hoping for a little luck, El Gordo (the fat one) the Spanish national lottery Christmas draw is about to take place. Work colleagues, groups of friends and families often share part of a ticket for the big draw, so that if their numbers come up then the luck is shared within the group.

Another colourful character from Catalan popular culture that you may encounter when purchasing your lottery tickets is, La Bruixa d'Or or La Bruja de Oro (the witch of gold) She is a witch that comes from out of space to sprinkle gold dust representing good luck.

The La Bruixa d'Or originates from the town of Sort which in Catalan means luck, and just coincidently is the town which boasts the most winners.

For your perfect Catalan christmas this year you will need your Cagana (Obama), cagartió your La Bruixa d'Or and of course you will need to buy that winning lottery ticket too!

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