Thursday, September 24, 2009

Catalan Donkey

The black coloured Catalan donkey is not famed for its easy temperament but these two fine looking youngsters responded to my Dr. Doolittle impression and were only kept away from us by an electric fence. Hard working donkeys were the beast of burden in many Mediterranean countries in the past and some are working just as hard today in poorer countries.

Take a look at the Spana web site if you have a few moments to spare.


  1. We know of two donkeys that are still working around here, one in our village and one down in the valley, so they're not quite done for yet!

  2. It is wonderful to see well cared for working animals. Are you tempted to introduce one to your Finca, Jan?

  3. Anonymous1:18 am

    OMG! I have two of these boys. I had them both gelded today since they are rescues and I am turning them out on 17 acres with my mares for protection. They are great for guarding as they hate dogs, coyotes and other predators. I have named mine Cletus and Boshell. Sorry I had to geld them but they are going to be living happily in Morris, Alabama, USA.