Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rural Spain

The Spanish landscape offers a rich and diverse natural habitats which the population view with much pride. They enjoy the wild rugged places for recreational activities and like to see arable land in full production.

Protected natural areas of Spain now amount to 28% of the land (6.3 million hectares) with 42% of the population living within those reserves. The marine ecosystems of the Mediterranean are less protected and the authorities are trying to bring coastal bio-diversity schemes up to the standards of neighbouring countries. A budget of €1,000,000 p.a is allocated to bio-diversity conservationism.

If you are contemplating a holiday this year try rural Spain it is a land full of delights. Every village in the country will be celebrating a fiesta or two, giving the artisans a chance to showcase their handicrafts and traditional food.

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  1. Hi. You helped me identify a plant in my garden a while back so I am wondering if you can do the same again. It is a very common bush found all over the campo and probably considered to be a weed, but I'd still like a name for it. I can't find an e-amil address for you anywhere so am trying this way to contact you. Please send me an e-mail at so I can send you a photo. Many thanks, Kate