Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Corn popped -Transgenic Maize

Transgenic maize otherwise referred to as genetically modified is the subject of much controversy across European lands. MON810 marketed as Yeildguard in the USA, is permitted as a foodstuff in Europe but has been rejected by both France and Greece.

Germany too has banned MON810 the countries representatives were lobbied by Greenpeace in what turned out to be an effective campaign. (see photograph).

Here in Spain Transgenic maize is authorised. If like many garden bloggers you grow your own vegetables you could still be exposed to the crop which is used as an animal feed in countries like Argentina.

World wide use of the product opens many paths for GM food to enter the food chain and is often not apparent to the end user.

Even South American countries who fight hard to maintain the integrity of their native maize varieties are at the mercy of the wind during pollination periods. If you save your own seed you too could be affected.

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