Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Doñana Biological Station Exhibition

     Doñana Biological Station

The Doñana Biological Station is a public Research Institute belonging to the Spanish Council for Scientific Research CSIC in the area of Natural Resources. Our fundamental mission is to carry out multidisciplinary research of the highest standard directed to understanding, from an evolutionary viewpoint, the way in which biodiversity is generated, maintained and how it deteriorates, as well as the consequences of its loss and the possibilities of its conservation and restoration. An inseparable derivative is also to promote the transfer of this knowledge to society.

The Institute is formed by its main building in Seville and two field stations, the 
Doñana Biological Reserve ICTS (Doñana Natural Space, Almonte, Huelva) and the Roble Hondo Field Station (Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas Natural Park)


A stroll through harmonic forms sculpted by the mud, the weather and water in the marshes of Andalusia.

Doñana fractal harmony and wetlands is an initiative of the National Research Council which is composed of a popular exhibition, a book and you're visiting this site.

Through the original and stunning aerial photography Hector Garrido has done in the marshes and the Atlantic Andalusian scientific direction of Professor Juan Manuel Garcia Ruiz, visitors can approach the complex and fascinating world of fractal geometry of the forms of nature.

The report "The Skin of Doñana," published in El Pais Semanal (26/10/2008) has won the National Journalism Award in the category Sustainable Doñana Photography in November 2008.

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