Saturday, December 13, 2008

"The worst drink"

The documentary The worst shot of climate change is about the rise of temperatures has affected the quality of wine

The rise in temperature causes an early ripening of the grapes. The premature ripening involves changes in the quality of the fruit. On the one hand increases the sugar and other low acidity. This, in practical results, results in wines with higher alcohol content and reduced ability to grow old. 

aume Gramona and Miguel A. Torres is among the few Spanish businessmen who have already begun to adapt to this new reality climate. Gramona makes most of its vintages at night, to get fruit with a temperature lower than the harvest day. Thus, the grapes reach the winery at a temperature that allows the press with greater assurance of quality.Bodegas Torres in carrying out various experiments and initiatives to adapt to climate change. On the one hand improve the methods of wines from indigenous strains, less vulnerable to climate change, and other vineyards planted in areas where rising temperatures before the vine was not profitable. 

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