Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sherry anyone?

....Cloud shadows drag their hands across the white;
Rain prints the sudden darkness of its weight;
Sun falls and leaves the bleaching evidence of light

Professor Andrew Motion was appointed by Britain's Queen Elizabeth the second as the Poet Laureate in 1999. He will complete his period of office at the end of this year. A tradition since 1688 the holder of the office is expected to produce poems for the observance of specific national events.

The salary of the Poet Laureate is around £21,000 p.a. not a lot for such an esteemed position. There is a special bonus paid upon completion of the Laureate's term of office, due to an ancient agreement with Spain,  Señor Motion will receive 650 bottles of fine Sherry.

The poet intends to donate half of his Sherry de Jerez to Pen International writers Association.  

....a shapely hand of cloud
emerges from the crowd
of airy nothings that the wind allowed
to tumble over us all day
and points the way

towards its own decay
but not before
a final sunlight-shudder pours
away across our garden-floor....

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  1. Well, I never knew that. What interesting bits of info you do find.

    Seasons Greetings to you both and happy 2009 blogging.