Saturday, December 06, 2008

Myotis alcathoe by a whisker

Myotis alcathoe is the smallest of all whiskered bats and is usually found in Southern Europe in wooded
valleys with deciduous trees near to streams. An established colony has been found in l'Albera mountains
and is being celebrated by naturalists. Environments such as the one described above are becoming much
rarer in southern Europe and the negative impact on bio diversity is apparent.

Bats are a harmless creatures and consume insect pests like mosquitoes in great numbers.


  1. Ohh sooo sweeeet!

  2. I am editing a newsletter for small woodland owners in the UK, where Alcathoe's Bat has recently been reported. Would it be possible to use your image of the bat in our Newsletter? Do you own the copyright to it? If you do give permission, how would you like to be credited? Many thanks. Sarah.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    The photograph was published by L'Emporda (Figueres)a catalan language newspaper. If you use it please credit them.