Sunday, December 28, 2008

Moths and Butterflies in the European garden

  Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa
by Paolo Mazzei, Raniero Panfili, Ilaria Pimpinelli, Diego Reggianti

Daylight brings a host of colourful visitors to the garden including many beautiful butterflies,
which I'm sure many a garden blogger has tried to photograph for their respective web pages
with differing degrees of success.

As the sunlight fades the garden becomes the domain of the creatures of the night. It is an often 
misunderstood world full of strange looking creatures like the moths, whose roles in the complex
Eco systems of the planet deserve more study and appreciation. 

Often during pruning and clearing operations moths are disturbed from their daytime roosts and 
can be briefly glimpsed; though it is at night when they gather around exterior lights they can be
studied in detail.

Click on the moth motif to visit an informative web site which will shine a little light on the 
species of Moths and butterflies which may be encountered throughout Europe and Africa. 

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