Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcome relief for farmers

Fruit Farmers of the fields that surround the medieval village of Sant Pere Pescador escaped much of the hardships of the ongoing drought because the River Fluvià retained rather more water than the nearby River Murga. However on September 11th 2008 a series of severe hail storms damaged much of the ripening fruits thereby decimating the farmer’s incomes. In recognition of their resultant economic hardships the rural tax levy will not be applied this year.

The agricultural land was reclaimed from marsh and bog back in the 17th and 18th centuries at which time it was being used for the growing of rice. The rich fertile soils and abundant waters make this an important area for fruit production, as well as providing a scenic landscape for the campsites of the Mediterranean northern Costa Brava.

One crop that has survived the drought and hail is the sunflower, the fields of  heliotropic sunflower blooms following the light from sunrise to sunset along the roadsides of the region are an uplifting sight.

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