Sunday, October 12, 2008

Begur our neighbours

Now that the summer tourists have left the area we have the opportunity to visit some of the attractive villages and towns of the Emporda region. ‘Begur’ is a small seaside town and is renowned for the local stone which is quarried and used for facings and ornamentation in the construction industry. The sand derived from that stone is also used in concrete render. The town boasts a ruined castle which is situated on a hill in the centre of the urban area, although it looks impressive from a distance little remains of the structure. The town is built on steep hillsides covered with pine trees and has several sandy coves and even a naturist beach for those who dare to bare all.

 It is rare to get a glimpse inside Spanish gardens which are often hidden behind high walls or fences; here and there though an open door allows you to see picture perfect courtyards and patios. This was the case with Begur, though an unexpected feeling of intrusion occurred when we visited the ‘mirador’ or viewpoint which provides the classic view of the town. That feeling was uncomfortable because immediately below the viewpoint is a private garden, the conifers which frame the view are grown in that same garden. It is a well tended green space that is bereft of privacy though it boasts the best panorama in town. If the owner had been present I would have asked their permission to show the garden to you here, but they were not present so you will have to imagine this overlooked paradise.


  1. Beautiful pictures. It's lovely, isn't it, when the tourists have gone and we can enjoy the Mediterranean in peace! Although they contribute to an important industry when they're here. I like the diagram of the winds - I saw and photographed a similar one in San Feliu de Guixols a few years ago. This one is very pretty and I see that the winds have very similar names to the ones here in the Languedoc - mistral, tramontane, grèque ... etc. Enjoy the autumn!

  2. Hi Colin and Carol. A lovely trip and good to get away and recharge your batteries.

    Like you, we're all relieved the tourists have gone. The shopkeepers are back to their laid back friendly attitude. They get so tired and grumpy in the summer it's no pleasure to go out.

    I had a day in Jerez last week with the International Women's Group and we visited a restored Moroccan market for, mainly women, artisans and painters. Wonderful.

  3. Anonymous4:15 pm

    A few coincidences...we are also from the North East (Jesmond, Newcastle) and bought in 2004 - in Begur. Still spend most of the year in the UK but that should change in the near future. Congratulations on the work on the house. Not something I would even start to attempt. Emporda is a lovely part of the world, though.