Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fire and Rain

Early evening and what at first appeared to be rain clouds gathering over the eastern Pyrenean Mountains were in fact smoke plumes from a fire on the French side of the border. Yesterday Chaiselounge at Olives and Artichokes (Languedoc- Roussillon, France) told me that they had experienced a little welcome rain this season; though obviously not enough rain to dampen down the woodlands and farmlands where flames often spread quickly and devour everything in their path. Only yesterday Carol observed that the fire fighters of the Girona region had not been as busy with wildfires this year as in recent years. Maybe it is too soon to be counting our Catalonian chickens. 


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  1. Yes, there was a big fire - 800 hectares I think - in the Corbières mountains last week. This may have been the smoke you saw. I think now is the most dangerous time this summer - we went up into the hills yesterday and it was very dry everywhere, drier than it's been all summer. I'm afraid people may be less careful because they think the danger is over. Let's hope the Girona firefighters don't have too much work to do from now on!