Friday, July 25, 2008

Too hot to trot!

Although the drought in Spain has officially ended with most of the countries water reservoirs at above 50% of their capacity; our local reservoir in the Alt Emporda is only 31% full (or maybe that is 69% empty). Late spring had welcome rain showers and sometimes prolonged storms which refreshed the landscape and gave some hope for the gardening year ahead. Most of the rain clouds were drawn to the Pyrenees where the rain fell on the mountain slopes and though it did drive the reservoir level up from a recorded low of 24%, emergency water conservation measures are still in force. There remain prohibitions on watering gardens and with temperatures at 30˚ or more (Manańa will be 37˚) the plants are obviously suffering. Even tough shrubs are looking a little ragged. 

The golf courses remain remarkably green in the withering heat of the Spanish sun. 


The rainfall we had collected in the Chaca or small pool is down to about 12” and may last another week. I have bottled some of it in an attempt to thwart the mosquito population and eek out our meagre supply. We have been looking for suitable water containers for medium term storage of rainfall water; a house down the road has a cube made of plastic and is encased in a metal frame, the unit looks manoeuvrable though probably heavy when full. Pam down in the Costa de Luz managed to obtain a similar container from a paint shop; no such luck here though. I was quoted 230 -320€ for a polyester receptacle but declined the offer. Reclamation and salvage yards were unable to provide anything suitable. Grey water production is at a minimum given our careful water usage and we are resigned to survival tactics. Cuttings and seedlings will give some hope of continuance though I would not like to have to start over again.

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