Friday, May 23, 2008


Potatoes for this summer season are being container grown given the continuing water shortages. Anya a salad potato which has been derived by crossing Pink fir apple and Desiree is my chosen variety. It is a waxy potato with a mild and pleasant nutty taste the plants supposedly give a reasonably high yield of elongated tubers. 

I chitted my Anya tubers before planting to give them a head start.


The photograph shows the sprouts having appeared on the tubers. As the shoots grow I will top up the container with composted materials to earth up the young plants. Once the plants have bloomed I will wait for the flowers to fall before harvesting the crop. Although this variety is resistant to many common diseases it is easily damaged and is a little prone to greening.


  1. Oh I just love the taste of fresh potatoes-its like a different vegetable to the supermarket ones.

  2. I keep hearing about growing potatoes in containers, but have never tried it. And I'm astonished by how bad your water shortage is. Here's hoping it's rained since your last post--