Sunday, March 09, 2008

The transplantable garden

If you are considering moving plants from your home to another country it is always advisable to contact the customs authority to receive advice about allowed and prohibited materials. This is the advice from DEFRA about U.K. to Spain.

The only plants you may not take to Spain from the UK are
rhododendron/azaleas, viburnum or camellias (to prevent the spread of a
serious fungal disease to which these plants are hosts).

You may take as many other plants as you wish, including the soil they are growing in, without the need for any plant health documentation.

Please note that all plants entering another country are subject to
'random' inspection to ensure freedom from plant pests and disease.

Regards.Paul Kilby

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Plant Health & Seeds Inspectorate
Ground Floor, Foss House, Kings Pool
1-2 Peasholme Green, York, YO10 7PX
Telephone: 01904-455188
Fax: 01904-45519
Email: paul.j.kilby @


  1. Very useful information. I know a few people who sneak things in in their hand luggage, so I'll gently tell them (!) what is forbidden.

    Gonzalo next door is always complaining about imported trees and plants in the garden centres; he's convinced it'll be the ruin of the Spanish gardens.

  2. Using plants and trees native to your country is admirable in any garden design, though our gardening culture is derived, in part, from exploration and the discovery of new species. I can not imagine a Garden without South American, African or Asian plants. Finding a way of combining them without destroying the essence of your native landscape is the challenge.