Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm a man - so macho

There is a dog in the village who barks and generally goes beserk  every time I pass by in the car. However if ever it is out walking on its own it stands and shivers making itself appear small; both actions are a form of acting on the dogs part. As a dog lover and keeper of various breeds over the years I have become used to dogs acting as brave or as pathetic as they can get away with in order to manipulate their owners and get their own way. Animal behaviourists have often commented on canine traits such as this.  An advert currently running on television for the VW Polo car and featuring a Jack Russell terrier used this behavioral trait to great effect. The theme of the advert is confidence, inside the car the dog is full of bravado but in public he becomes timid.

The advert has become controversial with many people unable to accept that this is an Actor (the dog) and that the training process was humane.  

Music 'I'm a man' by Stevie Winwood

For an explanation of how the Ad was filmed read the Agency story here.

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