Monday, March 03, 2008

Bay of Roses Costa Brava Spain

The Bay of Roses


It is a bright sunny day on the beach at the town of Roses in the northern Costa Brava, 
but the beach is all but deserted.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that your photograph is not showing up.

  2. Thanks Kate, it was showing on my screen but I have reloaded it with a tweak hope that fixes it, Gremlins don't you just love them.

  3. Yes, the photo looks great now. We went through Roses last summer on our way to Cadaqués - the beach was packed then, of course! It looks lovely now.
    Thanks for your good wishes. I'm a very new blogger so don't know how to post to your blog - but would like to if you can explain how!
    Thanks again, Teleri

  4. Teleri - Write a short article, (add a picture ) about your new blog and email it to me somkoi at I will remove my address after you have used it I will put the link back to your blog and then people will start to pick up or your posts.

  5. We had been there some years ago ... nice picture !

  6. Joy - Thank you, it is taken from the web cam of the local Junta; hope spring is on the way to Canada too!