Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Holiday villa in rural Costa Brava

This garden has been a little neglected in recent weeks, whilst we have been spending a little time preparing a web page, for the future holiday rental of our Spanish villa. You can see the result of our efforts by clicking on the link above. Now it is time to get back to nature!

Our web site should start to get picked up by the search engines in early February. In fact clicking on the link should help the process, whilst giving you a chance to look at another aspect of our cyber world.
The web site providers at Independent will host the site, register a domain for you, and provide the tools and advice to help create your vision of holiday bliss for free. If there is a downside it is advertising on the page but for a small fee you can ditch that too.
The process has taken a couple of weeks over the holiday season, but in that time we have been able to edit and refine the site. Independent owners provide a couple of useful add on features like web site optimisation advice and admin tools. If you are in a similar position to ourselves it may be worth taking a look at the product.


  1. I love the colour of your Villa. Your description is well done and I certainly would visit if I had my druthers. It is close to the mountains and the sea. Good luck - I hope the rentals start pouring in!

  2. Thank you Kate, now the page is running I need to update the photographs.

  3. Are those datura flowers?? They are beautiful!

  4. They are datura, the plant suffered in the wind but is making a come back.