Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Guará Catalá

Guará Catalá - the Catalan donkey appears everywhere as the emblem of Catalunya.

In 2006 it even appeared on the menu, in the village of Sort at their local dining club.

Hard working and intelligent though stubborn, the breed characteristics of the
Guará Catalá are those espoused by Catalans themselves. Though one Catalan friend told me he keeps an Andalusian donkey because it is better natured than the local animal.

donkey it is reputed can go three days without water, and carry a payload of 100 kgs. on it's 500kg body. This is a tall breed up to 165 cm. Used to graze the forest floors they played a vital role in preventing forest fires.

Allen Carr, in his penguin book - The easy way to enjoy flying states; 'that more people are killed each year by donkey kicks than by flying'.

It is estimated that there were 50,000 working animals in Catalunya though there are today around 130 most of those on a sanctuary near Barcelona which is run by the
Gassó family who have won awards for conserving the species.

The Catalan drink 'BURRET' was named as a derivative of 'burro' donkey in Spanish. Here is the recipe,

Coffee liqueur pored over several cubes of ice in a tall glass
top up with cola

and then sip slowly.

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